Get it? Got it. Gerulat: April 11, 2011

Advice from staff writer Greg Gerulat Dear, Gerulat My father is apparently in the habit of making some pretty bigoted remarks. I’ve only started to notice it after friends of mine and people I know from Facebook have commented to me about things he says. I don’t think his remarks are intended to hurt anyone […]

Get it? Got it. Gerulat: Advice from staff writer Greg Gerulat

Dear, Gerulat I am trying to quit smoking, but it’s proved to be harder than killing Rasputin. My job is very stressful – as is my current living situation – and more often than not, the fiascoes that accompany me on a day-to-day basis drive me to seek solace in “just one more” cigarette. To […]

Get it? Got it. Gerulat March 28, 2011

DEAR GERULAT, I’m leaving UVU at the end of April, and I’m not really sure where I should go after I finish up. I’ve spent 20 years in Utah, and now I’m seriously considering leaving the state. My major is pointing me eastward, and this place is pretty stagnant. I, however, would probably be doing […]

Fear not for the future, just the controversy

Movies and books that can heedlessly draw the most attention are those that are set in the future. We’re fascinated by the wholly accurate depictions and the completely maniacal and bogus predictions and we appreciate the way they make us excitedly anticipate or dread the future. Back to the Future II informs us that hover […]

All shook up: Concerns and explanations on the recent quakes

Between Feb. 11 and Feb. 13, the citizens of Lehi claimed to have felt the Earth move under their feet, and unlike those of us who have sung karaoke to Carole King before, they were being completely serious.  On Friday and Sunday, the city of Lehi and surrounding rural areas reported feeling a total of […]

A big man’s beard, brews, and burgers

It’s a little after nine p.m. on a Tuesday night, the Smiths are blaring above the sounds of glasses clinking and the din of an ever-beckoning pinball machine as I’m sitting on a barstool at one of Provo’s better known pubs, A. Beauford Gifford’s Libation Emporium (otherwise succinctly known as ABG’s). Sitting across from me […]

Preview: Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will

If you’re well versed in 80s film, the first thought it brings to mind may be “cute, adorable and furry creature.” If you’re well versed in Cantonese, you may translate it as “ghost, demon or devil.” If you’re well versed in instrumental rock with dramatic soft-loud dynamics, heavy melodic bass lines and precocious use of […]