Murder Most Preventable

Could the rape and murder of Kristine Gable been avoided? At first glance, the story sounds like something out of the first ten minutes of CSI: a swimming competition is going on at a Sugarhouse Boys and Girls club, leaving Fairmount Park overrun with adolescent competitors and their families. Three hundred yards away, in a […]

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Orem joins the list of cities that have banned spice A recent ruling has outlawed the possession and sale of Spice in Orem – and not the kind that you dash on your meat and potatoes in an effort to add variation to your cuisine. For those who have been in the dark, spice is […]

Tour de Felony

Salt Lake City police were stumped on Friday, Jan. 7, when a young man held up Bank of the West at around 1 p.m.  The suspect, in his 20s and around 5’8”, reportedly entered the bank during the lunch hour and handed the teller a note describing his demands. The teller complied, and the suspect […]