Where is the Snow in Utah?

Growing up in a country with a temperature that seldom dropped below 100 degrees should make the sight of snow something to dread.   But for me, I had mixed feelings. As much as I love the hot weather and dreaded living in a state where it snows like crazy, I wanted to experience seeing […]

Tip your hat

Tip your hat

The season for berets, beanies, caps, trilbies, boots, scarfs and hats has come. And it’s hard to keep up with fashion especially when the cold won’t permit, but guess what has taken over the fashion industry and making winter clothes more stylish? Fedora hats.   Fedoras dates back to the 19th century and it became […]

Utah fires at-will

Utah fires at-will

For people who are not looking at the contract or agreement they sign when they get a new job, it’s time to start looking closely because the words “at will” may be embedded somewhere in there.   Utah is one of the states with at-will employment laws, meaning an employer can fire an employee without […]

Quick Response codes not so quick to be used

With social media over taking traditional media, everyone seems to follow trends on Twitter, status updates on Facebook and LinkedIn updates, but there is one aspect yet to be fully explored. The square, pixilated bar-code type graphics, which can be found on just about anything, are becoming more popular.   Quick Response, QR, codes stand […]

Let the international student voice be heard

With spring drawing to a close, outdoor activities become the order of the day and hiking, hunting, fishing, swimming and vacationing to places like Hawaii, the Bahamas, Europe, Africa and Asia become the desire of almost everyone. One vacation spot that seldom crosses the mind, especially for those who love the outdoors, is the country […]

Beauty is international

Clothes, shoes and accessories are often used as much to increase physical appeal and beauty as to serve any pragmatic purpose. The International Modeling Club at UVU is proud to give international students the opportunity to use traditional dress and adornments to display the beauty of their countries and cultures. “This is the first international […]