Chef / Owner of The Tortilla Bar.

Meet Sam Oteo. A visionary man with a small beginning. The Tortilla Bar in south Orem is the bi-product of his hard work and a piece of his dream with an amazing back story. Oteo was born in Mexico, but moved with his family shortly after to California. He had a visa, but wasn’t able […]


Divorce attorneys reported that social media has skyrocketed as a leading factor of marital problems over the last few years. In fact, recent studies have shown that one-third of divorces in 2011 were “caused or influenced” by Facebook. But, after doing some Facebook surveys and study on the matter, I attest that Facebook does not […]

Guns: Cause or Solution?

The Colorado shooting that occurred at the final Batman movie premiere has many people debating the controversial issue of gun control. This argument suggests that having gun rights and ownership not only reduces crime, but in some cases stops it.

Is college a waste of time?

I had a debate with a friend recently. The topic in question was whether a college degree is valid or necessary in today’s society. The friend argued that employers aren’t interested in a diploma as much as they are experience. My friend hasn’t gone to college, and he landed an amazing job as a film […]