Author: Faith Heaton Jolley

Chef / Owner of The Tortilla Bar.

Meet Sam Oteo. A visionary man with a small beginning. The Tortilla Bar in south Orem is the bi-product of his hard work and a piece of his dream with an amazing back story. Oteo was born in Mexico, but moved with his family shortly after to California. He had a visa, but wasn’t able to go to school for awhile, so he decided to look for a job while his father attended school. That is where his wildly successful cooking career began. “More than anything, it was an accident,” Oteo said. “I answered the phone for my father one day and it was a manager of a restaurant looking for help. He told me to pass on the message to Photo by Paloma Marketing and Enco Oteo my father to see if he was interested in the job.” But, Oteo didn’t pass on the message, and instead showed up at PaggLicci an hour later, determined to get the job. Even after the manager accused him of being too young, he lied about his age and jumped in as a dish washer. The 14-year- old soon worked his way up in the fine dining Italian restaurant in San Diego. “It is the school of life,” he said. “You do little by little and that’s how you work your way up. But, I was a good cook to tell you...

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Divorce attorneys reported that social media has skyrocketed as a leading factor of marital problems over the last few years. In fact, recent studies have shown that one-third of divorces in 2011 were “caused or influenced” by Facebook. But, after doing some Facebook surveys and study on the matter, I attest that Facebook does not cause divorce. Other factors are always to blame. Facebook is just the convenient culprit. Now as a newlywed myself, naturally I was very interested in any tips or information on how to keep my marriage strong and alive. But, when I heard about couples “joining” their Facebook accounts after saying “I do,” I thought it was the most ridiculous and extreme thing that I had ever heard of. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about bonding and having a close connection with my spouse. But we are still separate people with different friends, interests and personalities. I was baffled and puzzled and so I asked a few friends who had joined Facebook accounts with their spouses why they had made that change. For the sake of anonymity, names have been withheld. One friend said, “We did it because we felt uncomfortable that the other person could talk to any of their exes or old crushes. It just made us feel better to have no contact at all, because I won’t lie, I am...

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