Author: Ethan Dodge

Iraq timetable

In January 2008 when asked about the war in Iraq and Bush’s willingness to stay another 50 years, Sen. John McCain answered, “Make it a hundred. … That would be fine with me.” This powerful and firm stance was one of the main points in the McCain campaign, but it has recently come down as Nouri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq, expresses his desire for troops to be gone by the end of 2010.

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A different kind of rivalry

UVU is bound to gain a major rival sooner or later as the institution grows and gains more talent in its athletic department. Competing against other Division 1 schools will, no doubt, bring thrills. However, does a rivalry have to be completely based in athletics? Or do the Wolverines already have a rival?

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Liberal, but still the man

A friend once told me, “Obama is just like Hitler.” This came after she found out I supported the democrat. “He’s charismatic, but will lead the country to destruction,” she continued. It’s reactions like this that I receive shortly after expressing to my peers that I am an Obama supporter. “I can’t wait until Obama is elected and you can sit back and see this country fall apart,” said another friend. After these remarks, they share how they absolutely cannot believe I can support such a liberal man. Little do they know, my political views are more on the right side of the spectrum than on the left.

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