Thank you for your decency

When the Managing Editor of the UVU Review lost her engagement ring last month, the kindness extended to her was moving. But she wonders, how far will people allow their kindness to extend when people are different? She shares her story here. Two and a half weeks ago, I got married to the love of […]

State Board of Regents vote to approve tuition increases

On Friday, the Utah State Board of Regents approved a tuition rate increase at each of Utah’s public colleges and universities – Dixie, SUU, USU, U of U, Snow, Weber, SLCC and UVU. The average increase is 7.5 percent, with Dixie facing the sharpest increase at 11.8 percent, SLCC the lowest at five percent. UVU […]

Making a break for it

We all have a different concept of what constitutes an enjoyable evening. Not every personality is compatible with every other personality. In everyday life, these differences can be both enriching and aggravating, but on a date they can become positively unbearable. In these situations, it’s handy to come to a date armed with exit strategies […]

Faculty Q&A reveals teacher priority remains their students

For a meeting that will help make or break UVU’s reputation and future, the representation of UVU’s over 2,240 teachers at the faculty meeting with the Northwest Council on Colleges and Universities was somewhat sparse. The gathering of adjunct, part-time and full-time instructors in the library auditorium at 11 a.m. on Nov. 3 only numbered […]

‘Ghost Town’ on display in library

After a devastating fire and a century and a half of decline following an economic nosedive, by 1920 Bodie, California — once a booming Wild West metropolis — remained home to fewer than 150 people. Today, Bodie is home only to a transitory community of state employees and museum guides who work to preserve it […]

‘Gertrude Stein and the Ethics of Radical Empiricism’

Until recently, early twentieth century experimental author Gertrude Stein has been considered a non-political writer. However, on Wednesday, Sept. 15, Assistant Professor and Director of the Humanities program Michaela Giesenkirchen Sawyer will speak on the inherent ethics of Stein’s language experiments and their political and philosophical implications. Stein’s writing connects in significant ways with the […]

Summer music

OK, listen up fools. Do you anticipate being short on traveling cash and long on summer boredom in the all-too-brief (but gloriously unacademic) space between May 1 and Aug. 28? Are you short on meaningful social interaction and long on multi-sided dice with miniature wizard figurines? Can’t get out of the Valley long enough to […]