Expecting the unexpected

Reverberating waves of sound filled the library Wednesday, Dec. 1, as poet Alex Caldiero used his considerable talent to awe, stun and inspire those who were in attendance for his poetry reading. Caldiero enhances the perspective and understanding of language using a variety of techniques, such as drums, distinctive syllables and silence, with the objective […]

Debatable dynamics of immigration

A considerable uproar could be heard throughout the halls of UVU as the Revolutionary Students Union club protestors stood outside the ballroom auditorium chanting “Shame on Sandstorm” on Thursday, Nov. 18. The debate that is one of many that will be held at the request of student government and their professors. Their objective is to […]

The power of networking

Within the intimate setting of the Alumni and Visitor Center, graduates and current students enjoyed dinner on Wednesday while learning how to create new relationships in order to build and strengthen their personal networks. Career Employment Counselor Sue Stephenson spoke on the importance of networking and what it can do for a person’s career. She […]

‘China will come to you’

Concerns and implications over China’s rapid industrial growth were addressed Tuesday, Sept. 14, during a presentation on China’s future economic place in the world. Brett Heimburger, director of Asia from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, began by stressing the magnitude of China’s growth to students. “China’s growth is so significant it does not […]

Brett Heimburger to speak on China’s economy

Already one of the largest markets, China has a the worldwide presence and will likely continue to grow. As the Global Engagement’s advertising campaign states, “You can’t ignore 1.3 billion people.” In order to gain a better understanding of China’s place in the world, the Global Spotlight, which is sponsored by the International Center, will […]

Rate my professor on steroids

The Student Consultants On Teaching (SCOT) program is making waves at this university through its service to professors and students alike. The program is an option for professors, who can receive valuable feedback from a student’s perspective. SCOTs take the traditional student rating system a few steps further. Students are trained in methods of properly […]

International experiences with Global Spotlight

A year ago the faculty started to discuss a way to bring international experiences to campus that would go beyond food festivals and fun, something that would bring a real academic sense of how other countries operate. Global Spotlight has been created for students of any major to gain an opportunity to participate in broadening […]

Meeting increasing enrollment demands

Last fall’s campaign to emphasize the benefits of taking a summer semester has been a success with summer enrollment up nearly 25 percent, but school officials aren’t giving up the initiative just yet. General enrollment is on the rise and administrators are struggling to make space while students are scrambling to secure the classes they […]