Author: Elizabeth Sadler

Off campus food can be allowed with approval

According to an article recently published in the “UVU Review,” campus food services  does not allow any exceptions to their rule barring food from outside sources being brought onto campus, but this is simply not true. All that needs to be done to arrange for off-campus is a signature from Director of Food Services, Val Brown, who has an open door policy. “I approve around two requests for outside food a week,” Brown said. “As long as the request is justifiable through a club, I have no problem allowing that food be brought on campus.” Although food services will happily allow food on campus for special reasons, it is crucial to remember the importance of supporting on campus food and catering services. Using dining services extends past eating lunch and into helping to improve campus. Between the Food Court, Valley View Room and the satellite cafés, Dining Services strives to offer almost anything a student would want. However, if a club wants showcase several different foods, then obtain a signature from Val Brown and start planning your...

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Interfaith Student Association brings diversity to campus

Students at Utah Valley University may easily assume that their neighbors in class or fellow group members share their same religious faith. Let’s be honest, they are probably right. However, just because this area is partially defined by a homogeneous religious environment doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t experience what isn’t familiar.

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