Author: David Menzies

Panel dissects Trump’s ethics

Conflicts of interest are a human reality that cannot be escaped, says Derek Monson If we legally require a presidential candidate to release their tax returns, the ability to see whether they would freely offer it is lost, according to Derek Monson, director of public policy at the Sutherland Institute. The event, “Ethics in the Age of Trump: Why Conflicts of Interest, Regulation, and Precedent Matter,” was organized by the Center for The Study of Ethics and held March 15 in the Fulton Library lecture hall. The panel consisted of three legal experts: Monson, Charles A. Cannon, author of...

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Wellness fair raises health concerns: Is the university doing enough to provide healthy food options?

Is the university doing enough to provide healthy food options? UVU wellness programs organized a health fair to provide students with information about the need for exercise, healthy eating habits, regular cancer screenings and the dangers of vaping in the Science Building Atrium March 8-9. Berkley Alvey, a senior in community health, discussed the risks involved in vaping. Admitting that there is a lack of long-term data regarding e-cigarettes, she was still able to say with confidence that the chemical found in them, diacetyl, can lead to fatal lung disease. “Basically, what we’re doing in our booth today is...

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Tito Momen stresses the importance of religious freedom

Religious persecution affects two-thirds of the world, according to Tito Momen, UVU alumnus and author of “My Name Used to Be Mohammed.” UVUSA collaborated with the Interfaith Student Council (ISC), for its monthly Pizza and Politics event in the Ragan Theater Feb. 28 on the shifting landscape of religious diversity and the need for interfaith dialogue. Keynote speakers included Momen and professor Brian D. Birch, director of the Center for the Study of Ethics. “As the world continues to integrate and globalize there is even greater need to understand peoples of other faiths and cultures and there is no...

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Dune movie remake finds a director

Fans of Frank Herbert’s 1965 classic science fiction novel Dune should be pleased to learn that a remake of the movie has been announced under the directorship of Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario). Director David Lynch released the original screen adaption of the novel in 1984, but failed to make it a success. Tainted by this early adaption, Dune was forced to stand on its own literary merit. And stand it did. To fully appreciate the sophistication of Dune, however, one must read the original text itself —in some cases multiple times, depending on how much intellectual energy one invests....

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Religion, science don’t need to conflict says Ogden

Photo by Julie Ostler Photo by Julie Ostler The College of Science and Health organized its annual celebration of Darwin Day Feb. 15 in the Science Building to commemorate the contribution Charles Darwin made to science. “We’re celebrating science in general and the influence that [Darwin] and a lot of the other biologists had on our world today,” said Jacob Coulson, senior biology major at UVU. Faculty and students gathered at the atrium in the Science Building to view images of evolutionary timelines, eat cake, give out T-shirts and listen to Daniel Fairbanks, dean of CSH and professor of...

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