Summer fun, in the classroom

Summer semester can be a great time to take classes. Not only does it offer a way to speed up graduation, but there are people on campus which can make it a more relaxing atmosphere. On top of this there is also a great variety of classes offered that can be fun, educational and sometimes […]

Students create change by serving the community

Last week marked the fourth annual UVolunteer week held by the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center. This week focused on a push for students to serve the community and live up to the service council’s motto of “Be the Change.” For last week’s events, the service council teamed up with several different organizations from around campus. […]

Discovering Sican

For Peru, 1992 was a time of turmoil and civil unrest. Amid all of the chaos, Dr. Izumi Shimada was busy uncovering 1000-year-old tombs that contained around $1.5 million in treasure while being guarded by a single member of the National Police armed with an unloaded machine gun. Shimada, who is now teaching anthropology at […]

College survival 101

The college experience is often remembered by a lack of sleep and countless hours of studying. Students spend a lot of time stressing over making the most of their time and still getting good grades. No matter how long anyone has been in college, it is never too late to learn better study habits. On […]

No ordinary doctor

In the place of the lab coat one would expect from a doctor, Patch Adams entered the stage wearing baggy pants with orange flowers, a colorful button-up shirt and a tie-dyed tie. He had long hair, half of which was dyed a bright shade of blue, tied in a pony tail that extended to his […]

Breast in the West

Professor studies the popularity of plastic surgery in Utah February 14. The day of roses, chocolate and love. The day spent in a significant other’s arms or wishing there was a significant other to wrap arms around. Some girls spend months getting ready for this day by dressing up, flirting more and trying to compete […]

Bug expert

Insects do not always have a very good reputation. Some people dislike them, others are terrified of them. This is not the case with Dr. T. Heath Ogden, assistant professor in the Biology department. Ogden began teaching at UVU in July 2009. He currently teaches courses on evolution, bioinformatics and entomology, the study of insects. […]

The real Patch Adams

The film Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams, is about a fun-loving doctor and his attempts to help people through not only medicine, but also through joy and laugher. On the cover of the film, it reads “Based on a true story.” Although this statement can be an appealing, Hollywood is not always known for its […]