LGBTs await SCOTUS DOMA decision

LGBTs await SCOTUS DOMA decision

The conservative right against the liberal left once again. “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” Matthew 7:1. The score is most likely 4 – 4. All tied up. It seems to always come down to the final vote. This is the American way. Never agreeing on anything. Always fighting, never compromising. At least this isn’t […]

Phillip Phillips

Everyone knows smaller concerts are better. The UCCU Events Center is just that. It is acoustically sufficient but small enough to make every seat a good seat. Orem is lucky to have a quality location for big names in music to play at. The night started off with a small band from Denver called Churchill. […]

Get out of here

You can’t just stay here all your life. You can, but it won’t do you any good. Why would you want to stay here anyway? Sure, there are plenty of attractive young single people like you, but those will be here forever. You can also find them all over the world. So don’t use that […]

Class times and dates to be announced

Finding the perfect combination of classes while maximizing your time on campus is a challenge for anyone. Working from a limited number of options makes getting to that desired degree harder every semester it seems. Add in the complications of only coming to school on a Monday Wednesday Friday block or Tuesday Thursday, and you’ll […]

Who won the popularity contest?

empower – 1. to give the authority or power to do something #avenue – 2. a thoroughfare running at right angles to streets laid out in a city laid out on a grid pattern   IGNITE – 3. arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation)   On your mark. Get set. And, we’re done. That […]

One week off, six weeks on

One week off, six weeks on

In many parts of, Utah it’s more like job application week. But no, really. Pest control services, home security systems and satellite TV subscriptions have to be sold by someone. Time to get your job on, not your sunscreen and tankinis. For those with jobs already, you’re probably working and catching up on the homework […]

Only ten influenza shots left

Influenza is still taking a toll across America. Students on campus have access to affordable health care and prevention on campus, and most have been taking advantage of it. The Student Health Center is available to all students with or without health insurance. Getting sick isn’t convenient, but staying healthy does not take much effort. Last […]

From outlaws to ignorance

Eco-terrorists are losing. They haven’t had a split decision since “off with his head,” lost popularity. If the propagation of Eco-genocide doesn’t end, we will. Make no mistake and make any inquiry you can, you and I will run out of one thing or another before too long. Clean water will run out as more […]