Author: Christine Shell

Peace and justice program for UVSC students

Many students desire to make the world a better place, but don’t know how or where to start. The peace and justice studies program, or PJST, at UVSC just may provide them with answers to those questions. "In a world permeated by violence and injustice, the peace and justice studies program at [UVSC] has as its mission the understanding of effective means to achieve peace and justice at interpersonal, community, state, national and international levels," according to a brochure produced by the department. "Through intellectual engagement, we work to understand reasons for and solutions to the complex problems of violence and injustice and to contribute to peaceful and just alternatives." PJST presents a wide variety of classes throughout many departments and across numerous disciplines. Over 40 courses are offered in subjects such as criminal justice, history, political science, anthropology, biology, communications, philosophy and sociology. Classes not officially offered through the program, however, may be approved for PJST credit by the program advisor. Students wishing to earn a degree in the program have several options. A major in integrated studies with an emphasis in peace and justice studies may be obtained; a minor is also offered. "It is the intention of our program that peace and non-violence are investigated at multiple levels, from the realm of the personal and familial to international structures, conventions, institutions and history. Likewise, justice and...

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Provo Hospital welcomes new neurologist

Neurologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating nervous system disorders. A new one just came to town.Michigan native Dr. Joanne Link joined the ranks of physicians at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo this month.She comes to UVRMC on the heels of the recent certification of their stroke program.

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UVSC Contemporary Dance Ensemble performs “Resilire”

Coming soon: an opportunity to see a dance program recently presented in New York City Members of UVSC’s contemporary dance ensemble under the direction of Professor Doris Trujillo will perform her original choreographic work "Resilire," during the second week of November. "Resilire" is "a study in impulse, propagation and reaction […] played against a dissonant, angst-ridden score," and possesses a "darker energy," according to Karen Anne Web of Salt Shaker Magazine. The piece was recently performed at the American Dance Guild 51st Performance Festival, held at the Hudson Guild Theater in New York City in September. It was selected for the festival through a review process by the American Dance Guild. Seven dance students from the contemporary dance ensemble accompanied Trujillo to New York in September to perform the piece. Thirty-four other dance troupes from the United States, Canada and Europe participated in the event. "This opportunity fulfilled the objective of our president’s community of engaged learning initiative," Trujillo said. "The students were able to experience workshops from master teachers, view current works of internationally acclaimed choreographers and perform in a professional setting. It was a very significant learning experience." "Resilire" will be performed at the contemporary dance ensemble’s concert, Nov. 8-10, nightly at 7:30 in the Ragan Theater. Tickets may be acquired at Campus Connection, or by contacting (801) 863-8797. The contemporary dance ensemble is a pre-professional modern...

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