Issues across the nation in regards to boundaries between federal and state laws have been occurring since the creation of the Constitution. Whenever an opinion differs towards any given law there will be a process that will put the integrity of that law into question. In reply to an inquiry concerning cannabis laws to Utah […]

Healing with Music

Striking chords in the hearts of many, Christmas is a time for reflection and doing good deeds for others. Project Heals Christmas concert We Rejoice Thee was performed Dec 6th at the Covey Center for the Arts, Provo Center Street, by the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra. This performance was in dedication to becoming more aware […]

Competition issues

Kicks, flips, spins, and twirls to the beat of finger-snapping music—a competition dedicated to pushing the limits of physical ability and creativity was awe-inspiring. On Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012, at the Physical Education courts, UVUSA held their third annual Best Dance Crew competition. The evening had several interesting complications before Low Profile was declared winner. […]

The classics of art evolve

Nov 8, 2012 was the first of three consecutive nights in the Ragan Theater where audiences were mesmerized. These nights were dedicated to Imagination, Creativity and Innovation by UVU’s School of the Arts, eloquently executed by the School of the Arts Dance Departments Repertory Ballet Ensemble. The dancers had finesse, poise and grace, having learned […]

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