Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Downtown Provo

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, odds are you’ll be celebrating the holiday on Saturday, Feb. 13; if not for religious reasons, purely for pragmatic reasons. Sure, you can do dinner and a movie like everyone else. Or, if you’d like to not feel like another cog in the Hallmark machine, you […]

Four more years!: Velour flourishes in the valley

Four more years!: Velour flourishes in the valley

Velour Live Music Gallery (or, alternatively for BYU students, “The Velour”) has been a local treasure ever since it first opened its doors in January 2006. My memories of the venue stretch back to Fall 2005, when a bunch of local musicians, myself included, got together to help Velour owner Corey Fox renovate his newly […]

Facebook is not for stalkers

I love people-watching; it is truly an art. I’ve learned that so much of this art is based in context. The new Facebook was made for people-watchers. To dispel a common misconception, Facebook is not for stalkers, though there is a fine line between people-watching and stalking.

Provo: It was like that when I got here

Well, it’s the start of another school year, which is a bigger adjustment for some than others. I’m a seasoned veteran at this. I moved to Utah for college 5 years ago and have lived here ever since, taking classes on and off (mostly off) all the while. Unlike the masses who flock back home for summer, I have made Provo my home.