Author: Chad Reiser

A Day With Mitt Romney

Walking onto the Romney campaign bus in New Hampshire, Junior Jared Dallin couldn’t believe the journey he was about to embark on. He was about to spend the day campaigning with the possible next President of the United States.   Dallin won the once-in-a-lifetime trip to spend the day with Mitt Romney campaigning for the first in the nation primary. It all started at the Wolverine Crossing UVU Housing Complex where students and politicos alike can go make phone calls into the early voting states.   “UVU students have made an impressive turn out for Mitt Romney,” said Jordan...

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iPhone4 The Epoch Battle

With the launch of the Verizon iPhone4 on Feb. 10, students across the country are wondering if one iPhone is truly better than another. If a dramatic battle between the two phones were to take place based on call quality, data service, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, international service and price, here is how the battle would go down: Voice Calls: Verizon wins. AT&T reception towers run data and voice at the same time, causing traffic jams in some areas and possible dropped calls. Verizon phones and towers run two separate types of signals: one for voice and one for data. While this is great for call quality, it creates a huge problem for iPhone users. Verizon iPhones will not be able to simultaneously have a voice call and still use data for uses like surfing the web. This ability is only available to AT&T iPhones because of network differences. In Orem, AT&T networks experience peak hours of usage where the signal for voice and data slows down.  According to Corey, an AT&T customer service representative, two new towers in Orem set to be completed soon will ease voice and data constraints; but the voice quality award goes to Verizon. Data service: AT&T wins. Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal reported in his tech blog on Feb. 3 that his independent testing of the two iPhones had, on average, AT&T...

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