Author: Chad Call

Saving gas by using water?

“Double your gas mileage.” Instead of paying inflated prices for gas at the pump, drivers can do just that by filling up with water, according to the claim made by a very popular website. offers customers a 183-page do-it-yourself manual that gives detailed instructions about how you can turn your car into a “water hybrid.

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We’re not in Kansas anymore

Utah County is not known for many things. We have two universities, a few malls, lots of kids, and that’s about it. But that could all change. Brandt Anderson, a local entrepreneur, has convinced world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to design a multi-billion-dollar development in Lehi.

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The world-renowned science exhibit will cover nearly 20,000 square feet and give visitors a profound insight into the structure and function of the human body. An accompanying display, “The Story of the Heart,” gives viewers a first-hand look at our body’s cardiovascular system.

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