Women and racism

Filling the Ragan Theater to its capacity, Dr. bell hooks gave her capstone lecture on Friday, April 1, finishing her week spent on campus. As a feminist scholar, hooks lectured about racism through a feminism framing, lending understanding to how women are a part of, and pass on, racism. She discussed the relationship between women […]

Can you tell me how to get to UVU?

Now that you’re out of high school and out of college, getting to school involves more than the school bus vs. driving yourself scenario. With the spike in enrollment this year and no change in the amount of student parking, students may want to consider all of their parking and commuting options before fall semester. […]

New Roads, New Jobs?

How the Nu Skin Project on Center Street May Affect You Provo Center Street’s historic south side between 100 West and University Avenue is in for a transformation. Nu Skin, a multilevel-marketing company, has its corporate headquarters at 75 West Center Street, and plans to extend into a plaza and atrium that will connect a […]

New master plan should include bike paths

While some students, due to how far away they live, may not realistically be able to take a bike to school every day, those of us who live closer may find it in our benefit to do so. Student Body President Richard Portwood said, “We don’t have the capability of building more parking… [Alternative modes […]

Deaf Studies today!

April 8-10 marked the fourth Deaf Studies Today! Conference held since its founding in 2004. It is the largest deaf studies conference in the U.S., and was founded by UVU faculty. Held bi-annually, the conference is a conglomerate of local, national, and international professionals in the deaf studies field, as well as deaf community members […]

Texting and driving not a good mix

For graphic design major Jalise Hinton, a senior project wasn’t just something to finish so she could graduate – it was an opportunity to push herself and gain real-life experience while raising awareness of something she cared about. Hinton’s design, a photo of a driver texting the message “c u l8r” with the slogan, “Will […]