Author: Carmell Hoopes-Clark

19 percent approval, and he’s telling us what to do?

Bush tells us he is trying to keep America safe from attack. But what about attack from within our own borders? For the past six years, our own democratic freedoms have been continually attacked by the Bush administration. This is not new for our government. We are dangerously headed down the same path McCarthy recently paved, only this time, the president himself is heading the scare, and terrorists have replaced communists.

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My vote counts: But counts for what?

I went and voted. Other voters who turned out at the polls on Nov. 6 may have noticed Utah has electronic voting machines now. Within the confines of voting booths, expecting privacy and anonymity, we found the logo of “Diebold,” the emissary of Big Brother staring up at us.

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Where the end of oppression begins

A call to Eve Ensler:I have had the privilege of performing in the Vagina Monologues for the past two years. This last year, I was able to co-produce it as well. The experience has been transformative, to say the least. But there is one aspect that I cannot remain silent about: the fact that performance is reserved for women only. I feel very strongly that Eve Ensler’s vision in writing and performing the Vagina Monologues met the initial situation well by having only women perform. However, my current areas of study and activism have brought me to see that our problems cannot continue to be addressed from a divided position.  When we do not divide our genders, we can begin to transcend the limits we’ve attached to them. Our culture can change the way we see people as well as the values we tacitly place on what we see. We can evolve a language that sees gender multiplicity, and who then will be superior or inferior in sexual identity? If we are to end oppression we cannot define it in ANY way by exclusion. We cannot define our activism by dividing ourselves along gender lines. This falls so easily into blaming others; blaming men. But blame will not end violence, it will only perpetrate it by always creating someone to fight against. While I understand the reasons for ‘women...

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