Honrando a los muertos

Lleno de celebración y festividades, aún los muertos tienen su propio día en México. Pero aquí en los Estados Unidos, hay mucho menos conocimiento de este día. “Pienso que es una fiesta Mexicana,” dijo Jonathan Coyne, un estudiante de la universidad. “No estoy seguro si está celebrado sólo en Centroamérica, o si se celebra en […]

Honoring the Dead

Mexico is a place full of celebration and festivities, even the dead have their own holiday. But here in the United States, there is less understanding of what happens on that day of the dead. “I think that it’s a celebration in Mexico,” said student Jonathan Coyne. “I’m not sure if it is celebrated only […]

Fixing an error in the admissions system

You might think that the Admissions Department would have a running total of students attending school that speak a native language other than English. Think again. After an interview with Ryan Burton, Director of Admissions, it was discovered that this is not the case. “The reality is that if UVU were to try and analyze […]