Halloween costume scare

The Thursday before Halloween brought out the usual early-costume wearers on campus this year. Amid the typical witches, Vikings and fairies, was a poor apparel and accessory choice by one student. According to Brad Plothow from University Marketing, the student, a former member of the military, entered the library wearing military fatigues and a combat […]

“A Map in the Dirt”

When you finish reading “A Map in the Dirt,” the new short comic book from our own Utah artist Jess Smart Smiley, you may be left scratching your head. It is a dark, poetic and haunting tale that is also, at times, an overly confusing one. In a lot of ways, “A Map in the […]

Local band ready to swim in deeper waters

If you Google “Shark Speed,” most of the nearly seven million results are about the velocity of Great Whites or are links to Discovery Channel’s annual awesome-fest known as Shark Week. In time, that will most likely change if the guys in the local band Shark Speed continue to put out material like their forthcoming […]

The Anchor: Ambitious new comic series begs to be read

There are those that like comic books the way they like heavy metal: dark, complex, gruesome and divine. At times, biblical and always epic. They want a hero (a term we use loosely) bathed in blood and born in fire. They want more than just the tights and fights that fill the shelves of local […]