Author: Asia Bates

This page doesn’t have color, but holi does

In a crowd of thousands of people, there is an explosion of color as blue, pink, yellow, orange and green powdered chalk are thrown into the air, creating an all-encompassing purplish-brown cloud. Inside the cloud you are lost, all sound and friends around you are absorbed into the thick chalky air. All that can be seen is nebulous purple.   The festival quickly turns from carefree and merry to a fight for survival. Breathing is difficult; inhaling the chalk makes the corners of your mouth gritty. Your eyes water tears of blue and pink, and within about 20 seconds the cloud disperses. The sound is back: screaming, cheering, laughing, coughing. The people around you are back, and they are so rainbow-caked in chalk that all that can be distinguished are their eyes. But finding your friends isn’t hard because after a shared experience like that, all the attendees are your friends. The Holi Festival of Colors at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork is held annually at the end of March to celebrate the passing of winter’s neutral palette and to embrace the colors of spring. The festival also celebrates the burning of the evil witch Holika. She was the sister of Hiranya Kashipu, a demon king who defeated the Gods to make himself invincible. His son Prahlad stayed loyal to Lord Vishnu and refused to...

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Fictionist vies for cover of Rolling Stone

How does a band from Provo, Utah, go from playing in the basement in their underwear to potentially gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine? The odds of that happening are about the same as if you were to stand on a surfboard in your basement and wait for a wave come swoop you up and then find that you are riding next to Kelly Slater. For local band Fictionist, however, this is better. If the band gets on the cover of Rolling Stone , they will be in the company of iconic rock stars like Jim Morrison, The Chili Peppers, Jimi Hedrix and many other artists that no doubt started out playing in a basement in their underwear, or maybe even like their Rolling Stone  covers, nothing at all. In the Rolling Stone Choose the Cover Contest, for the first time ever, Rolling Stone is leaving it up to the public to choose an independent band to be on their August cover. Provo boys Fictionist are up for the history-making cover. There are four rounds. Fictionist made it through round one and now, along with seven other bands, will be heading to New York to record two more songs with a producer. Along with the cover and an accompanying article, the winning band will win a contract with Atlantic Records and a spot on Late Night with Jimmy...

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