Shooting at 11,000 feet

UVU student/photographer/cinematographer Parker Alec Cross’s eyes look a little red as he stares at his computer screen.  His room looks as if a camera bag has vomited its contents across the floor. A disheveled Parker sits atop his twin-sized bed in the corner with laptop in hand. This is his position for several days when […]

Witness to Revolutions’ Documentary and discussion

Political chaos, competing warlords and revolution were China’s turbulent political landscape during the 1930s. Helen Foster Snow, a Utah native, came to call China home during that time, and she played an important role in documenting the birth of modern China as she grew to become a writer, activist and humanitarian. The documentary Helen Foster […]

Bicycle Commuting

Gas prices, traffic, obesity, and parking problems are some of the things that Luke Stevenson doesn’t have to deal with. Why? Because he commutes by bicycle. Other colleges and universities have made pushes to green up their campuses by getting their students on bikes.