Joseph Puente: An independent candidate against political parties

Joseph Puente, part-time filmmaker and actor, is the only candidate running for Congress in Utah’s Third Congressional District who is politically unaffiliated. Although Puente remains neutral on most issues, he does tend to lean a bit to the left. Most of Puente’s political campaign is centered around stopping the intolerant war waged by hard-core Republicans […]

The science of spirituality Religious scholar visits Salt Lake City

Utah may get a little more colorful next week when Arvind Sharma visits Westminster College to give his lecture “The Scientific Study of Religion: Promise and Pitfalls.” Although the name of the lecture may sound anti-Mormon, or anti-religious for that matter, it isn’t in the slightest. When asked how he felt about the Mormon community, […]

Music at the edge

We all want instant gratification, and thanks to the internet, all of our entertainment cravings are filled immediately. Purchases are almost guilt-free; you want it, you click it, you got it. No cash exchanged, not even a swipe of a credit card. All it takes is the push of a button, literally. As digital music distribution becomes more […]

You kill it, you eat it

Hunting is undoubtedly mankind’s oldest sport.  Because man was dependent upon this skill for food, we have long treasured it.  As civilization grew and animals became domesticated, the physical need for hunting has decreased.  In twenty-first century America, we are no longer dependent upon hunting for food, but nonetheless, hunting is still avidly practiced. There […]