Deaf students ready to recruit their own

While the university maintains an outstanding reputation with the Deaf community, Deaf and hard-of-hearing students see no reason why they should not be included in recruiting others with similar characteristics. The most prepared and effective program in all of Utah for Deaf Studies is UVU; this is partially due to Accessibility Services, the program in […]

Bill threatens outreach programs (Pt. 2)

An amendment to Utah’s constitution that proposes banning affirmative action from state governed agencies and state institutions will specifically attack state funding to outreach programs, recruitment and preference-selection geared towards women and minorities of color. Peggy Pasin, coordinator of the Women’s Center, and Gwen Anderson, director of the Multicultural Center, have voiced numerous concerns about […]

Bill threatens outreach programs

While affirmative action supports equality in the workplace, it also mandates funding for diversity projects like the Multicultural and Women’s Centers on campus. Chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute Ward Connerly leads conservative legislators in Utah on efforts to revive a bill seeking to ban outreach programs funded by the state for multicultural populations […]

I told her I wouldn’t cut my culture

Marketing Native Amercian culture is hypocritcal: Discriminatory policies at Deer Valley Resort as an example Jonathan Williams, a full-blooded Navajo student at UVU, met with Deer Valley Resort representatives with plenty of positive expectations for a career in hospitality. He was immediately disappointed and frustrated that Deer Valley would deny a male an internship based […]

We the Students Shall Speak Now

The purpose of any governing body should be to act as a voice for the population they serve, and we as students are no different. However, when students feel apprehensive, even fearful, of speaking out against their student government, the issue justifies critical attention. “The role of student government,” said Student Body President Richard Portwood, […]

Latino Initiative: a step in the right direction

Change in the multicultural lens of UVU comes subtly but can enter loudly upon arrival, and UVU’s Multicultural Center is looking to make it welcomed and positive. A partnership created by the UVU Latino Initiative and Latinos in Action, a program founded by Mountview vice principal Jose Enriques, seeks and labors to prepare young Latinos […]

Nothing wrong with being green!

UVU: path to your future Remember those days when students used to say, “Yeah, I’ll only be at UVU for a semester, maybe two. Then I’ll go back to BYU or the U to finish”? Well, that’s not really happening now. The institution has changed quite a bit from a vocational center of schooling to […]

Immigration Utah: The Fight Continues

Could a Spanish-speaking man who cannot speak correct Spanish be a terrorist? Ginger Dixon seems to think so. Dixon was at the presentation of Sandstrom’s immigration bill to a legislative committee on August 18. After Sandstrom presented his bill and discussion for comments was open, Dixon spoke and described once encountering an individual who she […]