Author: Adam Magneson

The low-down on up-beats

It may be forgotten, but it is definitely not lost. When asked about electronica music, most people respond by asking what electronica is. A lot of people know it by another name: techno. Although not officially the term for the music created by synthesizers and many other electronic devices, “techno” is a good way of describing this genre of music. Known for its heady beats and effect on dance floors around the world, electronica music is appreciated by many, but understood by few.

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Decima takes the stage

Who is the face of teen angst? Many bands have filled the position of being the embodiment of teenage anger and frustration, but what happens when you mix teen angst, metal guitar riffs, double bass drums, and screaming vocals?

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Where did the rock go?

What happened to good-old rock ‘n’ roll music? Where did it go? Who killed it? These are the questions of many saddened rockers who have lost interest in modern music. True rock music seems to have disappeared from the map, but do not despair, as there is hope yet.

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