Author: Aaron Wood

Students need to get checked

With this year’s winter season slowly retreating, so has sickness on campus. However, the threat of getting sick still looms over every student, especially those without health insurance.   That is the very reason the Health and Wellness Center, located in SC 221, was placed here at UVU. This university used to supply health insurance for students, but because of the discontinuing coverage, they now offer services at a discounted rate right on campus, and students with health insurance are still welcome.   There are many things offered that students may not know about. When Freshman Sidney Elliott was...

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1 on 1: Diamond dialogue

Jonathan Boldt and Alex Rivera chat about the upcoming season for the UVU baseball team.   Jonathan: It was really interesting talking to coach (Eric) Madsen. Most coaches would shy away from answering questions about joining another conference and just give the rehearsed answers, but he came right out and said their goal is to earn their way to a better conference with an automatic bid to the tournament.   Alex: It’s going to be a while before they get into another conference, but when they do they will be playing at a much higher level and will have earned it. Now that they are getting recognition by the WAC things should start to move a little quicker towards joining.   Jonathan: I don’t know that it’s recognition more than rejection, so maybe they aren’t so close!   Alex: True. The main thing I got from Madsen is that he wants to be in the postseason and they are going to do everything they can to get there.   Jonathan: Last year the Wolverines finished 22-2 in conference and pretty much had their way with the GWC. What stood out to you about how they accomplished that?   Alex: What’s weird is you look at their run totals for each inning and they average about 30 runs per inning except for the third. For some r   eason they...

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Ambassador for world peace to speak to students

Hosted by the Peace and Justice Studies Program, Asha Hagi Elmi Amin will speak on Oct. 8 about the Sixth Clan as a Somali women’s initiative for participation on peace-building and political decision-making. Elmi Amin has dedicated her life to gaining a better and more peaceful future for her war-torn country, Somalia. At great personal risk, she has fought for women to have a voice in the decisions that affect them. She has mobilized women in the cause of peace across clan and political divides and continues to play a vital role in mediating across warring clans in the ongoing peace process. In 1992, Elmi Amin co-founded Save Somali Women and Children. As the current chair of the organization, she works for a safe and sustainable Somalia by supporting women to overcome marginalization, violence and poverty in their communities.  Elmi Amin has received a number of awards for her human rights and peace-building work. In 2001 she was made an “Ambassador for Peace” by the Inter-Religious and International Federation For World Peace. In 2005, she received the Blue Ribbon Peace Award from the Women Leadership Board of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. She also received the Right Livelihood Award in 2008.  Elmi Amin will be speaking from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45p.m. in SC 213a. To learn more about her or about the Peace and Justice...

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De facto Palestinian statehood

The Palestinian Authority has recently stated its intentions to form a de facto Palestinian state with or without the cooperation of Israel within two years. In a newly released 65-page document, significant changes to the Palestinian economy — which is currently being strangled by Israeli polices — and the construction of an international airport in the Jordan Valley are just two of the things outlined as being necessary for the move toward Palestinian statehood.

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Arab-Israeli peace negotiations

The Obama Administration is set to unveil its much-anticipated plan for establishing a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians at a pivotal point in the conflict. Among the key points expected to dominate the negotiations are the issues of settlements, the barrier wall, Jerusalem, house demolitions and confiscation of land, Palestinian refugees, access to water and borders.

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