Summer 2013 in a nutshell

Summer 2013 in a nutshell


Fall is back and has hit the ground running. Before it gets too far ahead, let’s recap what has happened this summer.

Movies: There have been some great ones this summer. IMDb brings us the 10 must see movies of the summer. First was the film in the Marvel comics series, “Ironman 3”, which came out May 2013 with raging reviews. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. The feature of a future where equality is fought for, “Elysium”, also made the list. “Star Trek Into Darkness” followed shortly after Ironman with similar ratings. “Man of Steel” didn’t bring as high of ratings as initially anticipated, though still in on the must-see list. The fight against the zombie apocalypse is shown in “World War Z”. In another apocalypse, between man and monstrous sea creatures, “Pacific Rim” is also added to the must see list. The sequel to the children’s movie “Monster’s Inc.” came to theaters this summer as “Monster’s University” and is a favorite with kids and adults. “The World’s End” is a fight to the finish line of pubs and has quickly become a must see. Continuing the X-Men series, Wolverine gets his limits tested in the new film. Finally, the minions make a come back in the sequel to the popular cartoon, “Despicable Me”, while Gru works to become a better father. Watch “Despicable Me 2” to find out more.

Weather: July 2013 for Utah County brought heat levels that were higher than average. Some days were at 100 degrees while the average temperature was in the high 80s. It sure was a hot one! Hope that you were able to cool down in the pool or other similar methods. 

Student Loans: The interest rate on student loans almost skyrocketed over the summer. The rates that were at 3.4 percent for undergraduate Stafford loans would have doubled to 6.8 percent. Lucky for us students, a temporary fix was signed, placing the rate at 3.86 percent for this school year.

Snowden and the NSA: Edward Snowden, a former employee for the National Security Agency or NSA, admitted to leaking details about US government surveillance programs. These programs tracked cell phones, internet traffic and emails of Americans. Snowden is currently in Russia after he was granted temporary asylum. The NSA is still trying to figure out how he got the information and what they can do to punish him. Snowden is being called both a traitor and a hero, depending on which side of the coin you are on.

Zimmerman and Martin: In February 2012, George Zimmerman admitted to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, on the basis of self-defense. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, called 911 because of a suspicious person in the area. He disregards instructions to stay in his vehicle. After the tragedy, clinic reports show that Zimmerman went in with a broken nose, two black eyes and an open wound on the back of his head. After over a year of debate as to what happened that February, Zimmerman was found not guilty on July 13, 2013. Now he is seeking reimbursement for legal fees.

UVU Health and Wellness Center: Coming March 2013, UVU will complete construction on the new Health and Wellness Center, located next to the Sorensen Student Center. This building will include a variety of services for students, including a three-storey climbing tower, yoga classes, bowling alley, indoor track, and many other amenities. This addition will also provide many more student employee positions.

Colorado fires: Summer 2013 brought an abundance of wildfires to Colorado, which in some areas still rage on. The Black Forest fire alone required over 850 firefighters and destroyed over 500 homes.

What will Fall 2013 bring?


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