UVU Men’s Volleyball Club A and B Teams returned this week from Dallas, Texas, after participating in the three day NATIONAL COLLEGIATE VOLLEYBALL FEDERATION- NCVF 2013 Championships.

The teams are coached by Andrew Richards and  Bob Ward. After two days of matches, the A Team qualified for the gold bracket of Division IAA and on Friday, after beating Baylor, Binghamton and Maryland, they made it to the Sweet 16 for Saturday’s competition.  In close sets they were finally defeated by Syracuse and Colorado State. Over 200 teams around the nation compete in these championships every year.

Congratulations to the student athletes and coaches from both teams for their dedication and hard work this season AND for representing Utah Valley University in Texas

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Blake McClary is a rising senior at Utah Valley University studying Marketing and Spanish. He currently serves at the Art Director of the UVU Review and the VP of Marketing for the Student Alumni Association. Upon graduation, Blake hopes to move on to work for a prominent marketing agency. In his free time he enjoys photography, the outdoors, and all things Hipster.