It’s a common thought that having experienced members on a team makes a great formula for winning because they have played together and known each other well. The UVU men’s soccer club looks to change that formula and have a winning tradition with a very young team.

The club has only three returning players this year, which to some would be seen as a building year. That has not been the case at UVU.

“We’re looking good,” said team member Cole Morely. “ Our main goal right now is to work as a team.”

With that goal they will be able to accomplish many things. The soccer club is preparing to be a great team, not just good as in years past.

“It’ll be a lot of trial and error,” Morely said. “But, if you get a long with your teammates, you will play well. And we have a good relationship.”

Other teammates agreed with Morely on the subject of team building and chemistry.

“Our team, we learn about relationship building,” said goalkeeper Jordan Timothy. “We are definitely about team chemistry.”

With this camaraderie, they will play hard and gel with one another. Even though the team is just a club, these players love the game and treat it as they would an official school sport.

“Everyone comes with full heart, ready to play,” Timothy said. “We aren’t trying to win it for ourselves, we are really trying to win for the team.”

Their positive attitude will be a springboard of success for the club team. The overall feeling of the team was summed up by Timothy.

“Other teams may beat us,” Timothy said, “but no other team is better than us. We have the best relationships, the best coaches and the best group of guys on the team.”

After having success early in the season, taking on teams such as Utah and Salt Lake Community, the soccer club has played well, beating Utah and tying SLCC. This season looks to be a very successful year as the team takes on Utah State, Weber State and BYU. They need support and want to prove that just because they are club, doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

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Garrett is native of Orem, Utah. He is a graduate of Timpanogos High School. While in high school, Garrett enjoyed playing sports and was a double lettered athlete in football in wrestling. After a short stint of college football at Dixie State, Garrett made his way back to Utah Valley in pursuit of his aspirations of becoming a sports journalist. Garrett has been contributing for the UVU Review for three years and has covered sports, specializing in wrestling. Garrett is married to Jodi Coleman and served an LDS mission to Baguio Philippines. You can follow him on twitter @legendgary