One hundred eighty six clubs – and we’re not talking turkey here. That’s how many clubs there are at UVU, according to the UVU Clubs Department.

To facilitate the management of such a large collection of clubs, the UVU Clubs Department uses OrgSync, an online community system used in the United States and Canada to help track involvement, manage events and organize administration for clubs at universities and colleges. The information about campus groups listed on the clubs department website is pulled directly from OrgSync.

The only problem is that the information on OrgSync has not been updated since last semester.

The clubs department is working to get the data up to date. In the meantime, we’ve lined up a selection from their list for anyone who wants to get a jump on club rush.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

From its inception in 1979, NAMI has been dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

President – Marilyn Sundblom 801.529.0159

Contact – Laura Smith 801.427.1231

Wildlife Club

To study wildlife and explore wildlife careers.

President Robin Cheung 801.822.8165

contact Michelle Forester 801.722.8722

Gun & Knife Club

Share knowledge and skills with anyone interested in firearms.

President James Clark 801.231.3305

contact Kylee Clark 801.830.1350

Aviation Club (Alpha Eta Rho)

To unite people with an interest in aviation and advance the cause of aviation in all its branches.

President Jordan Hermansen 702.423.4922

contact Kristen Verdi 516.983.9196

Pharmacy Club

To allow those interested in careers relating to pharmacy to associate and communicate.

President Greg South 801.201.5510

contact Zachery Stanfield

Pre-Law Club

Help prepare students for the taking the LSAT, applying to law school, attending law school and eventual careers in the legal profession

President Ewan Tanner 801.995.3995

Contact Andrew Smith 801.472.5078

Special Olympics Club

The UVU Special Olympics club has a two-fold purpose: to give opportunity for growth and service to students, and to provide recreational competitive and social opportunities for the intellectually challenged in the community.

President Andrew Goates 435.640.1615

Contact Maddison Heyn 801.885.3940

Paintball Club

Provide students with a positive extracurricular activity, create a greater sense of identity with UVU and promote a healthy active lifestyle.

President Israel Worthington 435.709.3631

Contact David Bowsman 801.472.7295

Yoga Club

To do yoga.

President Renee Mota 801.

Contact Russell Lee 801.400.0096

Magic: The Gathering Club

Magic the Gathering, UVU, fun and card games.

President Ethan Dayton 801.921.9511

Contact Brian Rodham 801.669.2078

Interfaith Student Association

Assistance with religious liberty, spiritual education, community service, and moving” from only tolerance to love”

President Paul Peterson 801.787.8019

Contact Linda Walton 801.812.0125

African Club

Promote African Culture and encourage social interaction between students from Africa and others from around the world. Helps provide educational support.

President Gloria Kajo

Contact Leonard Bagalawa 801.471.8806

Contemporary Dance Club

Provide Students with the opportunity of dancing a certain style that isn’t offered as a major or a class.

President Katreena Newman 801.815.6203

Contact Ismael Arrieta 801.664.9971

Music Education Club (MENC)

To prepare future music educators to bring music learning opportunities to everyone.

President Adrienne Braun 801.863.1609

Contact Angela Romney 801.824.4906

If your favorite club is not on this list, don’t worry – updated information can soon be found Organizations that do not update their information by the end of the first two weeks of school will suffer the penalty of having their funding revoked.