Peanut butter and chocolate. Strawberry and cheesecake. Glenn Beck and tears. But miniature golf and fine art?  If you had dared dream of such a combination and woke up unfulfilled at the thought of such a union’s absence, the good people at the 337 Project have made sure that eighteen holes of artist-designed putt-putt is at your fingertips.

Located in the Salt Lake Art Center through Sept. 16, the hybrid course/exhibit features a full-size, fully-playable mini-golf course. While players are required to wear slipcovers over their shoes, it’s a small price to pay to literally walk amongst art and participating up to par (or above it, if you’re not much of a putter).

Co-sponsored by the UVU Honors program, the course does a terrific job of deflating the stereotypical pretensions that some may think of when they consider going to a museum.

“The [337 Project] has been continually successful in showing fantastic art while bringing the community together. Every hole was a new experience, with new interpretations and new emotions. It was thought-provoking yet fun, a difficult combination to achieve,” said UVU senior Tess Seymour, who played the course on Aug. 26. “We are all ver

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The 337 Art Project in the Salt Lake Art Center brings the enjoyment of both art and golf. Photos courtesy of Tess Seymour

y grateful to the Utah and national artists that took the time to create such a fun atmosphere and incorporate their brilliant minds and creativity. It really has changed my views on art; suddenly art is this exciting activity where you can enjoy the beauty and mystery of art while having a great time.”

For more information about the course and the 337 Project, visit or email